The LED Lenser SEO B5R/B2R Light Set is a top quality light-set designed to accompany you on all of your adventures, with both the front and rear providing multiple light-modes as well as full rechargeability. TheLED Lenser SEO B5R offers incredible illumination in all conditions thanks to the patented Advanced Focus System, which delivers white light via an adjustable focusing ring, allowing you to switch between flood and spot beam in an instant. The ability to switch between full power, dim and signal means that you’ll be able to find the most efficient lighting in a flash

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  • LED Lenser SEO B5R/B2R Light Set Features

    • B5R: Rechargeable. Easily affixed onto or off bike handlebars. 1x CREE Power LED Light Chip. 1x Glare-free High End Red safety LED Light to protect night vision or for signal mode.
    • B5R: Three Smart Light Technology (SLT) options: Power, Dim (100-15%), Signal. Advanced Focus System (AFS) Flood Beam to Sharply Focused Spot Beam via smart silver twist. Directional Lighting: Lamp Headswivels within an angle of 90 degrees. Converts to headlamp (additional headband required.) Water resistance rated IPX6. Supplied with Li-ion battery, USB Cable, Bike Clip Attachment.
    • B2R: Rechargeable. Easily clips onto or off bike handlebars (supplied attachment). Strong enough light to be seen from 1.2 miles. Energy Efficient LED Light Chip.
    • B2R: Five Smart Light Technology (SLT) options Pulse, Blink, Strobe, Dim, Power. Charging indicator. Low power indicator. Water resistant. IPX5.


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